In Meme

5 Things That You Did Not Know About Me

Amongst all the memes floating around, I find this the most interesting. I’ve been tagged and so here goes.

1) I took up fencing classes three years ago. Was fascinated with this sport. Bought the expensive sabre, metal masks, clothing, special shoes. Paid for the classes. And, promptly didn’t attend.

2) I volunteered as a waiter for 6 months at a restaurant called ‘Annalakshmi’. I also washed dishes, swabbed floors and polished cutlery. I worked for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. I did not get paid but I earned much more. I learnt what dignity of labour meant.

3) I would walk 5 kms from office to home everyday for the first 5 years. For the next 5 years, I cycled 20 kms from home to office and back.

4) I have fallen into the Adyar river, which is as dirty as the Coovum. It wasn’t during rowing, though. We jumped into the river at a celebratory event the day after we won the 5th consecutive rowing championship. In case you wanted to know, the water tasted a bit salty.

5) I wanted to know what it is to live without money in the city. So, I took bath at Central station, survived on prasadam at Kapaleshwarar temple at Mylapore and slept the night on the pavement of Whites Road at Royapettah. Wanted to do this for two days but gave up after the first day.

It’d be nice if the meme continued. Please consider yourself tagged.