The Coorg Travelogue

Two weeks ago, a dozen of us headed out for a trip to Coorg. Quite a varied bunch. We had amongst us a marketing head honco, Communications Manager, Teacher, Software Guy, Traveller, Pro-photographer, Radio Jockey & Lawyer. It’s the diversity of characters that I loved. The only common thread that connected all of us was that we were all bloggers and travel lovers.

Since we all had to fly in from Chennai, Bombay and Delhi, we chose the Bangalore Airport as rendezvous. Once all of us gathered together, we huddled up in a van and headed on our 7 hour journey to Coorg. Most of the gang didn’t know each other but the holiday spirit helped break ice real quickly.

Having had an insignificant breakfast on the plane, I was hungry. So were a few others but our bangalore friends asked us to hold our appetite until we made the 40 km journey outside of Bangalore for a hotel called Kamat’s. It’s a mangalorean specialty restaurant and it absolutely stood up to the hype and made it worth the wait. We gorged.

It was nightfall by the time we reached the Club Mahindra Resort and had a traditional welcome. The welcome drinks were served and our bags were whisked away in an electric vehicle to our rooms.

The flower arrangements at a small pond amidst the wood carved lobby was a photographer’s delight.

The rooms clearly exceeded my expectation. The room was far bigger than any hotel room that I had stayed in. And much later, I came to know that it’s the smallest category we had stayed in, the Studio. I can only imagine what the other villas looked like. The wooden floors, lovely view from the balcony, the attention to minor details stood apart.

On the first night, we witnessed a traditional dance performance from local coorgi women.

…followed by performance from the Coorgi men.

It’s a snap that I had taken and I love it. I didn’t have my camera and that helped me experiment with cameras from other folks.

The early morning views were to die for. Here’s one atop the highest point in the resort which had a mega chess board.

We had really good guitarists and singers amongst the bunch. After downing enough alcohol, the mistakes in chords and pitches didn’t matter. It took be back to my college day memories.

I must’ve put on atleast a couple of kilos in the two days that I was there. Every meal had different menu and we were really well fed.

The best part of the breakfast was the view. The other side of the building was a drop and it felt like we were afloat amongst the trees.

Our guide was appropriately named ‘Joy’ and boy, were we glad to have him around. The guy had a nice sense of humour and amazing level of enthusiasm. Club Mahindra had worked out a real packed schedule for the three days we were in. Someone out there had done their homework really well.

Sqatting by the Cauvery.

Ever had a feeling your heart was about to burst? Well, I had after a couple of us made a bravado decision to run up the 300 odd steps to a hill near Tala Cauvery in one single burst. I was the first to reach the top, which in a a way was a good thing. I must’ve rolled over in pain trying to assuage the acute burning sensation in my heart. By the time the others caught up, I had time to recover and put on my macho face.

The really cold pool isn’t for the faint hearted. Once we braved the first entry into the pool (the smartest way is to just jump in), we had good fun playing water polo.

I had to return two days earlier to catch my trip to Amsterdam. Reading other’s travelogue and looking at the pictures, it looks like I missed quite a bit. More travelogues…

Arun Nair : The key guy from Club Mahindra is a new found blog enthusiast. Inspired enough to start his new blog and he starts off with a bang on his Coorg travel tales.

Mridula : Hey, teachers are supposed to be docile types, right. Wrong? She made mince-meat of all of us at the game of table tennis. Also a travel freak.

Sudhir Syal : The motormouth and clearly the guy who got away pulling everyone’s legs. The fun guy. A fun travelogue to read.

Anil: What kind of a guy quits software to join advertising? Answer: The interesting and creative type of guy. And his travelogue reflects just that.

Srinidhi : The most vociferous critic of Club Mahindra gets a chance to experience the resort for himself. Quite interesting to read his take.

Anita Bora: The chronic traveller is yet to put her travelogue up. Just a small teaser up. Should be worth the wait, much like the Kamat hotel that she recommended.

Dev Amritesh : My friend from college who now heads marketing at Dominos Pizza. Has the most ‘I care a damn’ attitude in expressing his honest views. Nice read.

And yep, don’t miss the full catalogue of photos taken by the gang from which I shamelessly lifted all the photos mentioned here. Not surprisingly, most folks had high end Nikon and Canon cameras, befitting their tag of travelbugs.

  1. Nickname Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Kiruba didn’t do any injustice for the offered trip. Good travelogue.

  2. had u got the opportunity to take a dip in the pond at tala cauvery?

    i.e opposite the 3′ X 3′ tank from where cauvery emerges.

    its 20 years back i enjoyed this really chilling dip of crystal clear tala cauvery water.

    r they allowing now?


  3. Kiruba Shankar Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Hi Srini, yes, they do allow folks to take a dip in the big pond at Tala Cauvery. I did see quite a few people take a dip. Oddly enough, there is a board right next to the pond which says, “Do Not Touch The Holy Water”. πŸ™‚

  4. They are meaning the small 3′ X 3′ Holy tank

    so they are allowing bath in the pond.

    Although 20 years have passed by, whenever i now hear the word tala cauvery, my memory recalls the really fresh sensation i got after taking bath in the big pond.

    Usage of soaps for bathing is forbidden there.

    Ofcourse hope the guide Mr.Joy will pass the word to future travelers.


  5. Kiruba Shankar Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    Oh yes, they are quite careful about not letting folks use soaps. From what I saw, people would just take a dip and procedd out of the pond. They don’t even let kiddle waddle in and play in the water.

  6. Kiruba, It would have been great if there is a disclaimer or sentence mentioning the fact this was a trip organized by Club Mahindra to show their facilities… It is my personal opinion that bloggers have that responsibility to inform their readers.. (since there is a conflict of interest).. So the readers may take the post with a pinch of salt..

  7. PlaneMad Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    woot! their resort looks sweet. now if only i get invited too πŸ˜›

  8. Anbusivam Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:56 pm


    Wow…that was amazing….!!! You guys had real great time I suppose.

    Hey, pls do let me know @ for any of those future trips..I realy would love to join you guys.


  9. Anbusivam Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Hey Kiruba,

    Siva agian, I am here in Netherlands for 3weeks from 1st of December. In a small city called “Nijmegen” about an hr in train from Amsterdam. Dag is “Day” in english, that dutch ppl use as greeting. Its a short form of “Goeden Gag”, means “Good Day”. Every things happens on time here, train, bus even the taxi comes exactly on right time till few seconds. I am sure I’ll write a detailed travelouge back home, Inspired by Kiruba.


  10. The chess board reminds me of Alice Through the Looking glass.

  11. Shantanu Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Read Anil’s post. Didn’t realize this was a sponsored trip until I got here. Great pics!

    PS: Now that Blogger allows OpenID, you may want to allow openID comments too?

  12. Is Club Mahindra time share ?. I don’t know much about Indian timeshares, but from the US onces I know it is a scam and totally not worth the money you pay upfront and the recurring costs. If you are in Vegas or some tourist spot there are always people trying to sell these services. You are better of investing that money and using the return for vacation.

    I advise every one to be very careful about buying timeshare. Do through research and don’t fall prey to glitzy presentations.

  13. Mridula Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    So Kiruba are you practicing TT or not πŸ™‚ Coorg really was a fun trip.

  14. Nice write up..

  15. I think , therefore i may be Says: May 26, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    Hi Kiruba

    Nice to know u were having a blast at Coorg.what next. should catch up. pretty good photos. especially the oldman photo was worh thousand words. keep it up

    lest you wonder who the hell this is……

    ram from

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