In Cerebrate

How do you encapsulate a dream close to your heart? How do you put three months of planning and preparations into words? How do you convey the three wonderful days you spent with some really bright folks? It’s always been a challenge. Words never seem to do justice describing things that I’m absolutely passionate about.

One such incident is Cerebrate. Almost a month after the event is over, here I am putting some of my thoughts together.

Cerebrate has been an idea two years in the making. Ever since I learnt about FooCamp and the fantastic people who gather together every year, I have always earned for such an event. Then I come across this fantastic event called TED, and my grouse and longing only grew bigger.

There’s no way I would either be invited to such an event as FooCamp or would I be able to afford the exorbitant fees of a TED. I also wondered why don’t such events ever happen in India. That’s when I decided that instead of waiting and wishing that someone does it, let’s roll up our sleeves and get it done ourselves. That’s how the event came to be.

So, what is Cerebrate? In simple terms, it’s getting the very best minds from different fields together for three days of togetherness, ideating and sharing knowledge. These are folks from Law, Movies, Technology, Theatre, Sports, Management, Photography, Medicine, Journalism, Music…. The only connecting factor amongst the lot is the excellence. These are folks who are driven and have achieved in their own chosen fields.

I’d like to encourage you guys to take a look at the key people who we invited for the first edition of Cerebrate. The event took place at the beautiful Club Mahindra Resort on Varca Beach. Club Mahindra have bought into the idea and have been generously helpful in supporting the event for the long term.

Here’s a quick picture log of the event.

The cap

Cerebrate in progress.

Eliciting a point.

The main essence has been the sharing of experiences and learning from one another.

Everyone engrossed in Sudhir’s bazooka of a camera. Learning the tricks of wildlife photography.

More togetherness.

Casual hallway conversations.

The outdoors ideation session.

That’s the view from one of the rooms. Fabulous pool.

One of the rooms.

Panoramic view of the ground

The Dune Shack on the Beach where we had our dinner.

View of the reception

Group snap before departure