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First big leap since the original iPhone” that’s what Apple said about iPhone 4.

According to Apple, iPhone 4 will be more powerful, easier to use and more indispensable than ever. iPhone 4 comes with a new design, screen, processor, and also a new operating system (OS).

MG Siegler, who writes at says in his review that “The biggest thing that stands out in my mind one day later is that immediately after I put down the iPhone 4 and went back to my iPhone 3GS, the latter felt kind of like a toy in comparison”. Now that’s says all about iPhone 4. But what makes iPhone 4 different from its predecessors? Lets look at the features in detail.

Face time: Through iPhone 4, video calling will become much easier. The Retina display on iPhone 4 is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models. This technology makes the text amazingly crisp and images stunningly sharp. No wonder, Steve Jobs joked in the keynote, “Once you go Retina Display, you can’t go back.”

In iPhone 4, you can multitask by running your own apps and this will not affect the performance of other apps or drain batteries. Great news for people who are mad about video recording, one of the key features of the camera is the ability to shoot HD (720p) video.  iPhone 4 comes with advanced backside illumination sensor and built in LED light. One can shoot and edit videos using new iMovie app.

iPhone4 has a 5 mega pixel camera with a 5x digital zoom, and the ability to focus on something—a function not previously available on the iPhone. It has built in LED flash. The advanced backside illumination sensor captures great pictures even in low light. And the new front-facing camera makes it easy to take self-portraits. iPhone 4 is the first phone with a built-in three-axis gyroscope. When paired with the accelerometer, iPhone 4 will give a better gaming experience. While most phones have only one microphone, iPhone 4 has two. The main mic, located on the bottom next to the dock connector, is for phone calls, voice commands and memos.

The second mic, built into the top near the headphone jack, is for Face Time calls and for making your phone calls better. It works with the main mic to suppress unwanted and distracting background sounds, such as music and loud conversations.