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Here is my list of interview questions for Sir Martin Sorrell, the head of WPP, World’s largest Advertising company. More about him here

 1) You started your career from a one-room rental in London. Talk us through your early life and how you started your career.

 2) You are the master of growing though acquisitions. You have acquired hundreds of companies. How do you ensure that the companies you acquire become successful?

 3) In 1987, you bought J Walter Thompson which was 13 times your size. You then bought Ogilvy & Mather in 1989, which was twice your size. What gave you the guts to follow these audacious plans?

4) Many of your companies like O&M, JWT, BM are actually fierce competitors competing with each other for the advertising money.  How do you ensure healthy competition amongst your group companies?

 5) Talk to us about how the name WPP came into being.  What has a wire basket manufacturing firm got to do with a man who is interested in advertising?

 6) India has the fastest Mobile growth.  However, mobile advertising has not taken off yet. What are your ideas on how to make money from mobile advertising without it being overtly intrusive?

 7) Should advertising agencies be worried about the growing influence of ‘Do It Yourself’ advertising model recommended by Google and Facebook?

 8) You say that people should pay for content online and the ‘free model’ should end. Please explain.

 9) Outside of work, what are your passions in life?

 Want to ask Sir Martin Sorrell a question? Ask them below and if its interesting, I will ask him on your behalf. Cheers.