In Cycling

Bicycling an average of 120+ kms everyday on Indian roads can take a huge toll on the body. By the end of the day, the thighs feel like wooden pillars and the calf muscles hurt so much that you wish there was a Jaipur foot for replacement. That’s where Loknath, the official masseur for the Tour of Tamilnadu comes in. He may look puny but his hands pack a punch. He has decades of experience and knows precisely which parts of the body and which muscles need to be worked on. Going in for a massage is like entering a torture camp. Its like signing up for pain. Correction: Extrememe pain. But once you endure 10 minutes of Loknath’s dreaded hands, you feel so much relief that you are already raring to cream the 120+ kms of cycling the next day. Here are some pics from his massage sessions. View All Images