Jaipur Bound. In Search of Antiques

As I write this, I’m about to board an IndiGo flight at the Chennai airport to Jaipur. I have never been to this city before…something that I have been ashamed of. Every foreigner who couchsurfed at my home raves about the city and they are surprised that I haven’t visited the city yet. So, I’m glad I’ll finally be striking it off my guilt list.

Another reason why I’m excited going there is because I have read in multiple places that Jaipur is a good hunting ground for antiques. I take that with a pinch of salt knowing that article writers often confuse between handicrafts (which have an antique feel) and the true antiques that’s aged over time.

I’ve googled deep and the only results I have got are the web savvy handicrafts showrooms. No information about a place like Chor Bazaar in Mumbai or a Moore Market in Chennai.  I’m hoping that the locals there will have information about nice places that stock antiques.

If you have been to the city and know a place that I should check out, please do let me know. You can write to me at Kiruba @ Kiruba.com. Thanks in advance.

  1. Check out Sun City. It’s the biggest store of antique like stuff. Apart from the showrooms (you can meet Mr. Sanjay there – owner’ son), they also have a store house which is spread over acres. Very few are allowed into their warehouses and very few non-whites (no racism, they buy containers full of stuff to sell abroad. If you can use your charm and somehow visit the store house (I have), you will see that wonderland exists.

  2. Thank you for the tip. I will try my luck with Mr.Sanjay. Look forward to the visit. Thanks again.

  3. I forgot to mention… Sun City is in Jodhpur, so is Lalaji, which is another of

  4. I forgot to mention… Sun City is in Jodhpur, so is Lalaji, which is another of the reputed antique stores there. These are more of chain stores than a showroom. Am not sure if they have stores in Jaipur.

  5. Varun Varadarajan Says: March 14, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Dear Kiruba, Do check out the shop called as ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ in mount road. Its right on mount road, they have a small collection of antiques.

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