Why I Love Teaching at Great Lakes Institute of Management

I teach a 20 hours credit program on ‘Social Media Marketing’ for the MBA students at Great Lakes. Its one of the best MBA institutes in the country and rightly so.

As I began teaching, I found visible difference in the 65 students at my class at Great Lakes as compared to the other institutions I’ve taught at.

First, the students are lot more interactive and the number of people opening up to answer or ask questions is way higher than I had seen. I loved it for they perfectly fit into my collaborative and discussion based teaching method.

Second, they are not afraid to speak their mind. If they don’t like certain sections of the subject or if they find the case studies not up to the mark, they don’t hesitate letting me know during the class or walk up to me to let me know in private. That level of feedback greatly helps a teacher in tailor making the lessons to better suit the students’ needs.

Third, the percentage of attendance is astounding. I’ve had most of the students attend my classes. That may not sound like a big deal until you take into consideration that the students are nearing the end of their gruelingly packed one year course. The fatigue factor is usually high towards the end.

Over 90% of the students have got their job placements done. So, they got what they came to the campus for. Mission accomplished. Its time to “chillax”. The motivation to attend classes wanes. In other colleges, I have seen attendance drop abysmally but not here. Even on the day of Holi, with all the frenetic celebrations in the morning, most of the students landed up for my class. I was genuinely impressed.

I wondered why? Is it the compulsion of attendance? Partially true but its not like the students really care for it much. Is it that the management is very strict with the students? Nope. No sign of that.

I found out the real reason. The students came because they were interested in the subject. They opted for my course inspite of having the choice of over 50 plus elective courses available for them to pick. They weighed in on all the choices, listened to their heart and picked the electives that matched their passion and their career goals. This, in my opinion, makes the fundamental difference. That explains the high levels of engagement and their interest in learning. Infact, over half a dozen students who had chosen other subjects voluntarily sat through the sessions.

I hope our education system in schools and colleges takes a lesson out of this.

As for me, I look forward to heading back to the campus next week to take the remaining classes. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

  1. There is one more reason why the students are always enthusiastic to come to each class of yours.. Your class sessions are so much mix and match of information, knowledge, and fun. Some of it we know partially but lack application which we learn from you. And in my opinion I love the subject and a great teacher like you what would any student wish for more in one single class. Besides you give breaks in between 😉

  2. The other side of the story – It needs an extremenely engaging professor and an unconventional way of approaching the subject that keeps students hooked!

  3. Sounds more like endorsement. Shadow branding may I say!

  4. Kiruba,

    I am jealous. Why did you not teach us last year ??

    Great job! You make us proud 🙂

    – Purnendu

  5. I got an sms from a friend saying the “Social Media” proff is awesome and is talking fundoo things … If only I knew it was you, have been more jealous 🙁

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