In farm, Village

NOTE:  I’m NOT a dealer in wooden pillars.  So, please DO NOT call me inquiring for the same.  The best places for you to get these wooden pillars are from two places:   1) Pondicherry.  On the East Coast Road (ECR), near Auroville, there are dozens of antique shops that has these pillars. No, I don’t have the phone numbers of any of them.   2) The other place is Karaikudi in Tamilnadu. 

Unfortunately, I can’t provide any more information on these wooden pillars. Thank you for respecting my privacy and not calling me. I’ve been getting way too many calls and hence this message. Appreciate it. 


Wooden pillars look great but they need constant attention to keep them in good shape. They don’t like being exposed to the sun and rain and unfortunately they get plenty of them at my farm. The only way now is to give them enough coatings of weather resistant varnish to minimize the damage. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village