In Travelogue

One of the smarter moves done by the Airport Authority of India is to do away with the need for printed sheet of tickets booked. For years, all of us had to grudgingly bear with this really archaic process. Taking a printout was an additional irritant during the travel rush. I found the lazier way of asking for a print-out from the airline counter until they stated to levy Rs.100 per printout.

If the Railways can accept e-tickets, why can’t the Airports? Glad better sense prevailed.

With the new rules, I found the entry to be a breeze. All I had to do was whip out my phone and show the ticket. Surprisingly though, a lot of people still carried printed sheets. Maybe, they aren’t aware of the new rules. There wasn’t a single board that mentioned the change in rules. But hey, who am I to complain! I’m just for the positive change. My next wish? Do away with the stamping of luggage tags. I’m told that’s next in line.