In Travelogue


When I visited TIME’s Top 25 blogs, the one that really caught my attention was the WanderingEarl blog.  Its the blog of Derek Earl Baron, who is a perpetual traveler. What is that, you ask? Derek started out on a travel vacation 12 years ago and has not stopped ever since. He has covered 83 countries so far. Read his wonderful bio.

I found his profile fascinating enough to shoot him a mail requesting for an interview. He has agreed and now its time to ask him interesting questions.  I have a few in my mind but I figured it would be add any questions you may too.  As always your questions will be listed down in the list and the best will eventually be forwarded to Earl.  You will be duly credited with links to your blog & Facebook profile. You can either leave your question in the comments section below or shoot the question to me at