In farm

Every Sunday, I look forward to visiting the ‘Sandhai’ (Sunday Market) that happens at Kooteripattu, a small town about 10 kms from our village. This is where all the small farmers bring their produce to sell. When I go there, I usually look for saplings and seeds for my farm.

I found this lady sell various varieties of seeds.  Think of any vegetable and she has seeds for them.  She buys them from bulk from Trichy and sells them in ‘loose’ at the market.  This is what she does full time. She travels from one market to another selling seeds.

While I was making up my mind on what seeds to buy, there were scores of others who came and bought. Quite a brisk business. I was thinking that with growing interest in Urban Gardening in the cities (there’s even a conference in Chennai), she should consider visiting Chennai. There would be good takers for the seeds.


A bird’s eye view of the various seeds. I really wish she has placed name cards next to each seed.  Being a novice, I could not tell one seed from another and had to ask her to explain everything.

I picked up seeds for 5 varieties of Greens.  Here are the Tamil names. Sorry,  don’t know what these are called in English.
1) Avitha Keerai
2) Siru Keerai
3) Pulicha Keerai
4) Arai Keerai
5) Thandu Keerai

Also picked up seeds for LadiesFinger and Beans.

Planting them at the farm today. As expected, this delighted my Mom. Given a choice, she would feed her family Greens three times a day!!