In farm

Water is a lifeline for any farm. Finding water can make a difference between a useful farm and wasteland. We hired a local team to drill a bore and were lucky to hit a good spot.  We dug a bore for about 100 feet and had about 15 feet of sandy soil.  Getting sandy soil means the water recharge will be good for continuous supply.  While this may not be sufficient for the entire farm, it will be good enough for our home and for a few acres.

Drilling in progress. We first hired a manual team to dig a smaller borewell. Once we got the sandy soil, we hired a mechanized rig which comes fitted in a lorry. This uses high pressure air to dig and is very efficient. These guys did the work in a couple of hours which otherwise would have taken two days by traditional method.

This is a sight that cheers everyone. Seen in this photo is water gushing out. Its slushy and that’s why its looking grey. After a few hours, the water clears up.