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Pic Courtesy: The Hindu

Before I tell you why, I’d like to state the following.

I’m a fan of Kamal.  Not a huge fan but an admirer of his versatility.  I like him better than Rajini or any other Indian actor.

I admire Kamal’s guts of standing against the film mafia. Its never easy to change things and if it happens, the movie will set a trend for other film makers to follow.

I applaud Kamal as a businessman. He is the producer as well and he has every right to choose a medium to recover his money. If it fetches him a significant portion of his investment, then why not?

I’m pro-technology. Movie via DTH brings in lots of convenience. Kudos to Kamal for embracing technology.

So, why then won’t I watch it in DTH?

A) Duh!  I don’t have DTH.

B) Even if I did have one, watching on TV will never replicate the brilliance of watching it on the big screen. No matter how big the TV is or how dense the pixels are, it never matches the big screen. Not to mention the sound effects.

C) The reason why we usually enjoy the movie experience is because of the quiet atmosphere. Watching it at home means unnecessary distractions. Somebody will ring the bell. The kitchen needs to be tended to. Kids run around. These are OK while watching regular TV. But a movie deserved to be savored without distractions.

I’m a regular movie watcher on DVD.  I have experienced enough to prefer watching a movie on the big screen while digging into an obnoxiously priced tub of popcorn and sipping an overpriced Pepsi.

That’s me.  What about you?  Theater or TV?