In General

Can’t Search Photos: I like Facebook and use it a lot. It’s tagging feature has become a game changer. Facebook is now my first choice to upload photos. Flickr, my longtime favorite, has taken a distant backseat. However, there’s some fundamental things lacking in Facebook. Check this out. 437 Albums. 1523 photos I’m tagged in. 7656 photos I’ve uploaded. That’s a lot of visual content. Yet, if I want to search for a particular album or a photo, there’s no way to do it. This means that I have to mindlessly keep clicking scrolling to find the photo. Facebook definitely needs to have a search functionality. Like now.

Can Edit Comments but Not Posts?!: I love the fact that one can edit comments. Its such a neat feature. However, I can’t believe that we can’t edit the status updates. Completely bamboozles me. Status updates are more important in terms of pecking order. When the engineers can figure out a way to edit comments, why not have the same feature for FB posts?!