In farm

Village life is wonderfully symbiotic. People beautifully coexist and help each other. In this case, grass in our field was overgrown and had to be trimmed. On the other hand, the neighbours’ cows had to be fed. It was an easy solution. We let the cows graze. They do such a good job.

Notice how they keep a leash on the cows. Its important to not let the cows enter the cultivated areas. The owners of the cows are also into agriculture and they clearly know their boundaries of freedom. — at Vaksana Farms.

My kids playing with a calf. They love baby animals. Until we get our own livestock, they will have to make do with our neighbours’. — at Vaksana Farms.

That’s Rajendran, the talented village carpenter. — at Vaksana Farms.

Cows grazing at the entrance of our farm. — at Vaksana Farms.