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We have added half a dozen Turkeys, Guinea Fowls and Country chickens to our farm family. These are all young chicks and they will need one more month to fend for themselves. This time we are taking enough precautions to safeguard them from the foxes at night. A bigger chicken coop is under construction.

The turkey chicks. They are quite young and in the next couple of months these guys will reach huge sizes. Their voices now are very sweet but I can’t wait for their ‘gobble gobble’ sound to start. — at Vaksana Farms.

Most of these chicks are sold via mobile units on 100cc bikes. The guy who sold these brought these from Dharmapuri which is a popular poultry place. — at Vaksana Farms.

The country chicks. Bought four females and two males. These are beautiful. — at Vaksana Farms.

During day time, these ckicks are free to range freely in the farm. In the evening, we move them into an enclosure to protect them from the foxes and dogs. — at Vaksana Farms.