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I was listening to Matt Mullenweg‘s entrepreneurial advice at Tim Ferris Podcast. Matt is the founder CEO of Automattic which makes WordPress.  Matt is cool. So is WordPress. It powers 26.5% of the World’s websites. During the podcast, he said that he makes it a point to blog atleast 4 times a week and I found this inspirational.  I for one was struggling to keep up with my personal blogging (ironical for a guy who runs a company called ‘Business Blogging’). So, I hopped on to Matt’s blog to imbibe some inspiration and found that his company has launched .BLOG, a new top level domain.

I was curious and wanted to check it out. I only had half the interest in booking Kiruba.Blog domain because I have always advised my clients not to have a separate blog but to have it as part of the main domain. When I went to http://Get.Blog, I was disappointed at the high cost of the domain name ($30) . And to make it worse, the signup fee was obnoxiously high at $220.  So in all $250 for a domain name for your blog. No, thank you.

At a time when blogging is being eroded by facebook, snapchat and Whatsapp, I would have rooted for a much cheaper approach to encourage people to get a professional domain for their blog.

blog domain screenshot

blog domain expensive