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Recently, on my trip to Singapore, I met up with Dr.Arnoud De Meyer, the President of Singapore Management University. He is better known as the founder of INSEAD Singapore.

If there’s one major takeaway from our half hour conversation, it is that one has to have a global mindset to be successful.

He is a Belgian national and it is very easy for him to study and work in that country. Yet, he chose to move out of his comfort zone to go to the US for his PhD and then to France for his first job. He chose to travel to many Asian countries to do executive teaching and research. That have him a good platform to start INSEAD Singapore from scratch. Later, he went on to be the Director the Business School at Cambridge University in the UK before moving back to Singapore to head SMU.

It is this willingness to step out of the comfort zone and take up challenging opportunities globally that Dr.De Meyer attributes to his success. Keep an eye out for the podcast to hear the full conversation I had with him. Very valuable life lessons out there.