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I’m on a quest to become a better writer. I’ve started to invest time and effort into improving the craft. I’m on a mission to take any help I can find. I discovered an excellent tool at ‘The Himalayan Blogging and Podcasting Retreat’.

The Hemingway app.

Three minutes into the demo of the app, I am convinced that this is a tool I desperately needed. By the time the short discussion on the app was over, I had already purchased the professional desktop version.

Often, I give editing high importance when I author books but almost never when I’m blogging. I mean, sure, I double check for typos and grammar but never beyond that. To become a better writer, one needs to pay attention to improve the simplicity of the language. Especially, removing unwanted words and tightening the prose.

I love the fact that the app has an integration with WordPress. This way, I can write in Hemingway, fine tune my writing and then post the cleaned up text on my blog.

I also love the ‘Write’ and ‘Edit’ feature. When you turn on the ‘Write’ tab, it turns off any prompts and helps you to focus on your writing. This is very important to maintain the flow of thought.

Once the writing is done, we can turn on the ‘Edit’ tab and Hemingway does an excellent work pointing out areas for improvement.

At a one-time payment of US$20, this buy is a no-brainer. Highly recommended.