In farm

It was a wonderful learning experience visiting Tarakesh’s Kannimar Farms. It’s a 100 acre farm situated in a small village, 35 kms from Karur in Tamilnadu. It’s laudable to see a young guy who worked in IT industry and no formal education in agriculture, to run a profitable farm. 

Rani, the farm horse is an absolute darling. Very friendly and coaches you to pat her. 

Loved the extensive use of drop irrigation in efficiently using the water. Tarakesh mentioned that has he used traditional flooding to irrigation, the available water won’t even be sufficient for even 10 acres. Now, with the drop system, he’s able to do this across 100 acres.

The water from all the bore wells are collected in this massive water tank that can store up to 6 lakh litres of water. The water is then taken via an elaborate labrynth of pipes to various fields.

The beautiful entrance to the farm.

The gist pen had goats of different breeds like boer and thalachery.

I was particularly impressed with the vermicomposting system. This provides the majority of the organic nutrients to the farm. 

The Kangeyam bull (of Jallikattu fame). As you can see, I kept a safe distance. 

The farm has lots of ‘naatu’ breeds which are local. These offer lesser milk than the Jerseys and Holstein breeds. But the farm maintains the cows more for the cow dung than for milk.