My Failures

People who know me know very well how much I believe in social media and its powers. While I’m a big believer in digital and social, one of my biggest grouse is that we only portray the good side of things. We bury the unpleasant stuff and only portray the shiny side of ourselves. This is not a good representation of our life. One of the conscious decisions I have taken is to share both the good and bad things in my life. Afterall, we are human and we should not be afraid to share our failures. This is what motivated me to make this infographic of my failures.

  1. Amazing experiences of life captured in a very interesting way. Keep Learning and Sharing.. 🙂

  2. Kiruba I’ve followed your writing for a pretty long time now, but this may be the gutsiest thing you have written. True respect.

    This cherry-picking of life’s moments is what makes social media in satisfying at some core level: we know both our and our networks’ streams are white lies even if every individual post is true. We’re all emperors of our social media streams and we all wear no clothes.

    That I think is why social media has a negative effect on people’s psychological well being: it’s not people being followed by how great their friends’ lives are, it’s that they know it can’t be all that there is, and so their friends aren’t truly sharing their lives with them, that they’re mostly posturing (except for when these friend want attention and sympathy), and so the whole edifice is ultimately hollow.

  3. No mistake is repeated twice. It requires courage to list the failures and it requires more courage to bounce back. Knowing you now for so many years…I know that you have come out successful by learning from your mistakes. Keep learning. Great info graph.

  4. Your biggest failure is to not train younger people to anchor PRAXIS 🙂

  5. True Respect Kribs !!!!!!!!!!!

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