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I just bought a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro. I finally homed on this after nearly 4 weeks of intense search. The brand new machine just got delivered now and this is the first post I’m typing on it.

My old Lenovo laptop is nearly 7 years old and has served me well. While it is still working fine, I now find it embarrassing to take it to business meetings. Its like someone still using a clickety button blackberry in these days of smartphones.

When I started my hunt for a brand new laptop, I wanted the following features.

• I wanted the laptop to be thin, light and portable. As part of my fitness drive, I now walk a lot…even for business meetings. So to save my back, the lighter the laptop the better. I had three choices. 1) A thin clamshell laptop like the Dell XPS. 2) A 2-in-1 laptop like the Lenovo Yoga or 3) A tablet PC like the Microsoft Surface Pro. I spend reading insane number of reviews and watched tons of YouTube videos. Among all the three, the Surface Pro scored because of its 0.77 kg light weight. The rest were at least half a kilo heavier.

• I wanted touch features. The tablet clearly won in this round. The traditional clamshell laptops and 2in1s were no match to the touch versatility of the tablet.

• I wanted the cost to be reasonable. I had a budget of Rs.80K. Sadly, the Microsoft Surface pro is a very expensive piece of equipment and higher than what I could afford. Thanks to the Amazon Great Shopping Festival offer, this came within my budget and I went for it.

• I wanted Windows, a platform I’m familiar with. While I love the sexiness of Macbook Air and iPad Pro, the mental stress of adapting to a completely new ecosystem is too much for me. Its for the same reason that I ruled out Chrome OS.

Before buying this, I checked with my friends who have been using Microsoft Surface Pro as their primary work laptop and I had good reviews from them. That tilted my decision entirely to the Surface Pro.

A couple of years ago, if somebody had told me that I would buy a Microsoft hardware, I would have scoffed at them. How things have changed.

Today, I start work on a brand new book project and this new laptop has come just at the right time. This is the new push I really needed. Here’s to more productive work.