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If you asked professional speakers what the biggest challenge is, you will get a standard answer. And that is to get qualified paid speaking gigs. So, when I interview successful global speakers for my ‘Global Speaker Podcast’, I’m always intrigued by how they manage to get so many speaking gigs. I started to find a pattern. I notice that Learning & Development departments and Human Resources Departments are rich sources of speaking gigs. You see, L&D depts and HR depts are given a certain budget every year to spend for the betterment of their employees. They are mandated to spend and are constantly looking for good trainers and speakers to help provide value. So, the key thing to note is to find out what value are HR & L&D heads looking for and if professional speakers can offer that, then its a good win-win scenario. That is why for this month’s learning session of the Professional Speakers Association of India, we decided to get the Founder President of the Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals, Afeef Hussain, to share his thoughts. He is a perfect fit because he is both a speaker and an HR professional. He can bring perspectives from both the portfolios. Make sure to sign in today on Zoom call to hear Afeef explain how professional speakers can get more speaking gigs.