In Digital Marketing, Expert Talk

Going LIVE on to answer questions on career in Digital Media. Here are some of the questions I will be touching upon in this one hour interaction.

1) What is digital media?

2) Why is it important?

3) Where can I study digital media? Any recommendation of physical and virtual courses?

4) What kind of jobs can one expect to get in digital marketing?

5) What are the salaries and future scope?

6) E-commerce is booming around the world. Why is it so?

7) I’m NOT a computer science person. Do I still need to learn digital marketing?

8) What are the digital marketing certifications that you would recommend?

9) I keep hearing about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Can you please explain what these are?

10) How can I help improve my personal branding online? What specific tips should I follow?

11) I want to stay my own online business. How do I go about doing this.

12) What books would you recommend for me learn about digital marketing and e-commerce?

13) How did you get interested in digital? What has been your career journey?

14) Would you advice to do internship in digital marketing even when I’m study in school/college?

15) What are the negative things about digital media and how to avoid them?