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I’m happy to publicly announce the launch of my newest venture, ’60 Seconds?’ App, a short-video platform in partnership with the awesome folks at Code For India. After working hard behind the scene for the past 3 months, it feels good to finally remove the wrap and reveal the product.  Please check it out at

This venture is close to my heart. To understand why, you need to read this interesting backstory.

At the beginning of 2020, I wrote down my discomfort list. These are things that are uncomfortable but are important. So, I started the Discomfort Project, an initiative to take this head-on and push myself outside of my comfort zone.

Among the list were two items.

1) Build a Product: I’ve always been in the services businesses all my life. Do a service. Earn money. Simple and straightforward. But not scalable. All companies that have had massive growth are product companies. But they are difficult to do, takes massive investment and a high percentage of failure. That’s what kept me away. That’s also exactly why I have huge respect for product entrepreneurs. This year, I was determined to give it my best shot. Read more about this product challenge.

2) Focus on Videos: These are absolutely the future of content. With 5G on its way and better smartphones, video will be the most preferred content consumption medium. All this while I neglected this medium and this year, I was determined to focus on it. Read more about this video challenge.

With ’60 Seconds?’ App, I’m combining both my goals and hitting two mangoes with one stone. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of creation and the journey is the reward. And it gives me inner satisfaction of stepping out of my comfort zone.

In the first couple of days of launch, the app has taken solid baby steps. It received 150 plus 5-star ratings on the Android Playstore and Apple iOS app store. It garnered up decent press coverage from India Today, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Outlook, Business Today, and many more. The app has some creative, talented video producers, and interesting videos. To check them out, please download the app.