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Happiness is rummaging attics, flea markets, curio shops & finding that rare antique!

That's why I love collecting antiques! :)

My Antique Collections

From old grandfather clocks with pendulums to horse carriage wick lamps, from valve radios to century old bellow cameras, you can look at my entire collection of antiques.


Resources on Antiques

Antique collection is a uniquely special hobby. While on my antiques hunt, I have listed down all the resources that I've found useful. Also has great places to find antiques.


    ‘Weather Vane’ from an antique shop

    Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Antiques, farm | comment

    I was lucky to find this beautiful ‘Weather Vane’ from an antique shop. Have been looking for one for a very long time. This will go up on the roof of our farm house. This was used earlier to show the direction of the wind. Interestingly, the cock turns itself to face the wind.

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    The Hunt for the Vinyl Records

    Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Antiques, Music | comment

    When I was a small kid, back in our ancestral home in Sooramangalam Village in Pondicherry, we had a LP record player. Not a gramophone but a modern (then!) player. My Dad and Uncle owned Record album holders (which looked like monstrous sized photo albums) with records of English, Tamil and Hindi songs. As we grew up and moved houses, no one knows where the record player and the LPs are. My suspicion is that they are all discarded and must be lying in garbage dumps somewhere. When I started my antiques...

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    Received a Treasure Trove of Tarzan Comic Strips since 1957

    Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Antiques, Comics | comment

    Yesterday was one of those amazing days that rarely happens.  It all started with a simple tweet I received from Rajendran Dandapani, the Head of iGarage – the Apple-focused development team at one of my favorite companies, Zoho Corp. Kiruba,  Heard you are gunning for a comic-collection record? Didn’t know you were a Tarzan fan. Have a trunkful from old Indian Express.. Rajendran had obviously chanced upon my Comics Collection website http://www.Kiruba.com/Comics . I was happy to find another comic...

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    A Gramophone Comes Home

    Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Antiques | comment

    After months of searching, I finally selected a gramophone that I liked. Its actually a remake and not an antique. However, its a remarkably done remake. The only consolation though is that I exchanged the shiny flower horn for a real antique one (seen in dull brass color). This gramophone is a full working model and it plays great. We listened to ‘Kaadhalika Neramillai’ (one of my parent’s favorite movie) and surprised them last night. View the...

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    A New Microsite for Antiques

    Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Antiques | 1 comment

    The interest in antiques has been steadily growing and it has reached a stage where it warranted its own microsite. Please check out http://www.Kiruba.com/antiqes Please note that its a soft beta launch. The paint is still fresh and rough around the edges.  Please do let me know what you think of it…especially areas that need improvement. Please feel free to be critical. Through the site, I hope to share with others not only information about my collection but also my experiences. The information would come...

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    To Polish or Let it Rust: The Antiques Conundrum

    Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Antiques | 3 comments

    The last few months, I have been very active in following my passion of collecting antiques. During my trips to Calcutta, Bombay and Delhi, I have rummaged through flea markets and old curio shops in narrow gullies. The hunt has been fairly successful and I have picked up an amazing list of antiques I’m quite proud of.  Some of the items are very old and hence in dilapidated condition or rusted all over.  Now, should I repair that century old Commodore camera? If I do so, will it lose its antique charm. ...

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