An offsite retreat & intense workshop on life goal-setting for passionate 'DO'ers.

January 7 & 8, 2017 -


Sometimes we a need quiet place, a supportive ambiance and a nice little push to help us find out what we really want to do in life. This is exactly the place to be.

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A pristine 9 acre farm in the bucolic settings of Rettanai Village. A newly built farm house right in the middle of the farm is where we will all stay. Learn more at

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This bootcamp is open only for 15 individuals who are motivated and committed to achieving their life dreams. We encourage you to apply and be part of our team.

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Another Shot at Everyday Blogging

I missed my goal of blogging every day. By a long shot. A 11-day break. What do you do when this happens? Acknowledge the misstep. Don’t crib or sulk. Get right back up and restart again. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Here’s another streak.

03 Sep 17

Typing Mastery: The Quest for an Error-free 70 Words Per Minute
Typing Mastery: The Quest for an Error-free 70 Words Per Minute

I have always been decent in typewriting. I learnt this during my 10th standard annual vacations and that has laid a good foundation. However, I don’t know how to operate the number keys and the special characters. Offlate, I noticed a lot of errors in my typing. This started to slow down my typing and worse, it has started to affect my flow of thoughts….

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31 May 17

Before you kick the bucket! – Deccan Chronicle
Before you kick the bucket! – Deccan Chronicle

A nice preview of ‘The Bucketlist Bootcamp’ event by Deccan Chronicle that appeared in today’s edition. The story mentions what motivated to me start this event. It’s taking place this Saturday & Sunday (Jan 11 & 12) at my farm. (the text is too small. Will post the transcript soon)  

08 Jan 14

The Bucketlist Bootcamp – 2014

Super excited about announcing the dates for the 2014 edition of The Bucketlist Bootcamp. Its on January 11 & 12. This retreat takes place at our farm with the only focus on nailing our long term life goals. More info at

23 Dec 13