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The World’s Best Foreign Correspondent Shares Authoring Tips

Christina Lamb wrote the bestselling book, ‘I am Malala‘ along with the Nobel Peace Prize winner. This is one of her eight books. She has won 14 major awards, including five times ‘Foreign Correspondent of the Year’ and Europe’s top war reporting prize, the Prix Bayeux. So, you can imagine the quality of advice she gave for newbie authors and writers when I interviewed her for the First Book Podcast. Stellar stuff. Coming soon. Do follow the FB page to listen to upcoming podcasts.

DTNext’s Coverage on First Book

First Book, which actually is my fifth book, got covered by the DTNext Newspaper (part of the Dina Thanthi Group). The book was born out of my personal pain of authoring my first book. Hence, I took up a multi-year project to speak with global best-selling authors to get their advice for first-time authors. This book is a compilation of very useful and powerful advice. The book is published by NotionPress and is available on Amazon. This led me to start the First Book Podcast with audio interviews with authors who recount their journey as an author.

The Singapore Short Story Contest

To my friends in Singapore who are passionate about writing, I would recommend you participate in this short story contest. I’ve interviewed many bestselling authors in my FirstBook Podcast and many have told me that it was the little things like participating in contests or essay competitions that gave them the belief and confidence to become an author. Go for it. There is prize money but way more important and far more beneficial is the feedback and validation you get from the readers. Go for it.

Finally visited the Anna Centenary Library

I must’ve passed this library in Chennai atleast a thousand times, each time promising myself I should go and take a look. Well, I finally did it. 

The tables next to the huge windows make for excellent resume spots.

The greenery of Anna University next door makes the view awesome.

The book shelves were very old school but does its job well. 

A Revamped Amazon Notes for Mobile. 

It was only a few weeks ago that I discovered that Amazon Kindle let’s us access highlights and notes on the Web. While I was ecstatic about this, I could not help but wonder how outdated the UI was. I mean, you can only access it via a desktop. In 2017 when over 80% of access is via mobiles? Seriously? 

Well, Amazon was clearly thinking of the same. Today, they launched a revamped version with a very itself-friendly mobile version plus a updated desktop version. 

Happy to see this development. I have almost stopped buying physical books. And a big reason is this feature to highlight and jot down notes. And to see what others have looked too. 

For me, books are not a single read disposables. It’s something that I refer back often and hence notes become vital. 

Thank you Amazon. 

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