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Kiruba Shankar

Election Time for my Daughter

It’s election time at my daughters’ school. My elder daughter, Krithya, has been nominated for the Vice-Captain’s post for one of the four houses. 

They need to campaign and convince their school mates on why they need to vote for her. Interesting to see her plan her strategies and her publicity plans. Nice way to inculcate leadership. 

Today is Our 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Sujani has been the best to happen in my life. We have two wonderful daughters to show for it love. 

Yesterday, our kids sat us down and wanted to learn all the minute details of how we met and how we got married. It was a marathon session and it was interesting rewinding our years.

Here’s to a lifetime and more. 

Met up with Mr.S.P.Muthuraman

Met up with Mr.S.P.Muthuraman, the celebrated film director who has directed 75 films ( 25 of those are Rajnikanth films!). He was chief-guest at my daughters’ bharatanatyam dance performance in Mylapore today.