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Kiruba Shankar

Today is Our 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Sujani has been the best to happen in my life. We have two wonderful daughters to show for it love. 

Yesterday, our kids sat us down and wanted to learn all the minute details of how we met and how we got married. It was a marathon session and it was interesting rewinding our years.

Here’s to a lifetime and more. 

This is What Happens When There’s No TV at the Farm.

Our family has a ‘No TV’ pact when we go to the farm. Actually, it’s more like me and my wife made the pact and the kids had to sign up for it! 🙂

Initially, they cribbed. But over time, they find other activities to keep themselves occupied. Here, my elder daughter is seen dusting and rearranging the book shelves.

My younger daughter is seen digging holes for planting the saplings.

Kids helping transfer the saplings from the car.

My wife is busy polishing the wooden pillars.

I consider our family visits to the farm as a time to do different things than we do in the city. It breaks the monotony. While all of these may seem like work, it actually is a good way to unwind.

Visit to our Family Temple

You would think that our family temple is in our village. After all, that makes logical sense, right?


It’s in a small little village that is 50 kms away from our own.  Yesterday, we traveled as a family to Muthialamman Temple in Mandagapattu, a quaint little village near Pondicherry. 

Why would our family temple be so far away? Apparently, it was selected by one of our fore fathers who most likely played a part in it’s construction. And it has been passed on to us over generations.  

Capturing Life’s Special Moments

Yesterday, my daughter let out a shriek of joy, hugged me and then…broke down. I’ve never seen her cry this hard before.

Her younger sister joined the hug, sobbing too. My eyes teared up. So did my wife’s and my parents.

 It was a joint cry of relief. My daughter had her 10th exams results. She scored better than she feared. 

What a poignant moment. Those few seconds were special. I really wish that moment was recorded for my daughter to relish much later in her life. Much like how Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad recorded the moment of his son’s Harvard admission.