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Vaksana Farms is now on WorkAway

I’ve registered Vaksana Farms on WorkAway, the international volunteer website. We are open to receiving international and Indian visitors who have experience in building and carpentering.  We are in the midst of constructing a second farmhouse, a chicken coop, a second cattle shed and a chicken coop. Help from people who are experienced in natural building construction and carpentering skills will come in very handy. If you are someone with these skills, we would love to have you at Vaksana Farms.  You get to experience South Indian hospitality and a great way to experience rural India. More info here.

Dumpster Hunting!

I did dumpster hunting today!

I was taking my dog out for our regular walk when I noticed these tree branches in the dumpster. These are branches of the Maruthani (Henna) tree that someone had heartlessly chopped. I felt sad but I sensed an opportunity. I picked these off the dumpster ( much to the amusement of the passersby) and dragged them home.

These branches are regenerative…meaning that when planted in the soil, they will take root and grow. I’m confident that I can grow 10 trees at Vaksana Farms just from these branches.

Planted Papaya at the Farm

As part of the Food Forest at the farm, we planted 20 papaya saplings today. Our soil is heavy clay and it’s not the right one for Papaya. They prefer soil that drains well. We’ll have to wait and see how the saplings cope up.

Papaya is one of my favorite fruits and they have become my part of my staple breakfast. Am keeping my fingers crossed and really hoping they take off.

Kumutha, Our Third Calf at Vaksana Farms

We’ve been blessed with another baby girl at Vaksana Farms. At early morning 2 AM, Thilaka, the Mom, gave birth to a beautiful girl. My kids had a discussion this morning and they have christened the calf as ‘Kumutha’.

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