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Two Mamas-to-be at Vaksana Farms

Two of our cows at Vaksana Farms are pregnant. Unlike humans, where a pregnant mom is easily identifiable, cows don’t show a bulge. So, it’s a tad difficult to measure the delivery date. We are guessing at least one of the cows will deliver by this month end. There is a lot of excitement at home in anticipation of the new babies joining the family.

Vaksana Farms’ First TShirt

Took the plunge and ordered a Tshirt for Vaksana Farms. Been meaning to do this for a long time and finally did it today. This decision influenced by three people.
1) Prasant Naidu who always wears his Lighthouse Insights Tshirt when he speaks on stage or FB Live.
2) Fredrik Haren‘s Ideas Island Tshirt
3) Pravin Shekar‘s Guerilla Marketing techniques.
Thank you guys.

Ordered it on InkMonk. Would you recommend a better On-demand Tshirt printing platform? I also realized I need to work on the Vaksana Farms’ logo and branding.

The Reason Why I agreed to Burn Things at the Farm

I don’t believe in burning things. I’m of the during belief that any wooden matter can be composted and is of rich nutrient value. If that’s the case, then why did I agree to have things burned? 

Here’s why. Many folks work barefeet at the farm and this can be of discomfort to the farm workers. One look at my own slippers showed over 20 thorns drilled into the sole. Would I want them in my feet instead?! The answer was simple enough.

Picked Saplings for the Food Forest 

Picked 104 saplings from a nursery today.  54 fruit tree 🌲 saplings for the Food Forest project. Almond, Gooseberry (Nellika), Pomegranate, Guava, Jackfruit, Java Plum (Naval pazham). 50 bamboo saplings for the living fence to protect the farm.

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