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Kiruba Shankar

The ‘Never Eat in the Same Restaurant Twice’ Challenge

In 2018, my goal is eat at a different restaurant everytime I eat out. This is the challenge I’m taking on.

Why? Because life needs spicing up. I’m finding opportunities to continuously step out of my comfort zone. And my family’s. My daughters have a notorious fascination for biriyani and that’s almost a standard order. Through this goal, we’d look to try different cuisines.

What did I have for dinner? Mutton Boti (gizzards made of intestines, liver and stomach) and goat blood fry. I’ve never had them before in my life. Never wanted to. Now did it to kickstart the challenge. Wish me luck.

CuriCrush, Cold Press Smoothie Bar

Today I visited CuriCrush, the latest cold press smoothie and juice bar at Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai. A real pleasure to see my friend Venkatesh Pannirchelvan’s entrepreneurial dream come to life.

Cold press juices retain much of the flavour and nutrients as the fruits are crushed at a slower 60 rpm with special cold press machines while regular juice shops do it in mixies that rotate at 20,000 rpm.

All juices are mixed with tender coconut water instead of water.

If you visit Bessie beach next time, you should definitely visit CuriCrush and try their natural juices and smoothies.

The Thambi Vilas Dining Experience

After finishing a work meeting, we decided to head out for lunch. ‘Thambi Vilas’ hotel was recommended and so we decided to try it out.

The first impression was a good one. It’s a Chettinad restaurent and must compliment them for the wonderful, well thought out design that did justice to the place.

Attention to details such as brass taps, black and white flooring, colonial furniture, old photos and even the vintage switches. I wish they has used vintage fans. This could have greatly added to the authentic ambience.

Here are a few photos of the restaurent.

However, the food was below par and did not live up to expectation. Our team had both veg meals and non-veg meals and both could have been better.

The elaneer payasam though was heavenly and that gave a nice finish to our dining experience.

Visit this place for the ambience.