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Kiruba Shankar

The Ethnic Day at Office. Down Memory Lane.

Sometime in the early 2000s, we organized an ‘Ethnic Day’ at Sify. The company was a microcosm of cultures and this was a beautiful way to showcase our tradition.

What fun times. I was part of a small team called ‘Fundoos’ that organized creative events. 

Special thanks to Sathish, colleague and rowing teammate for digging out this piece of nostalgia. 

Office outing at Queensland theme park

When we went for an office outing at Queensland theme park, this is what I found in a remote corner. A huge mound of plastic bottles. Even though Queensland has multiple places to refill drinking water, many still prefer to buy bottled water. The biggest contributor though are the Coke bottles. I felt guilty for we contributed to that mound ourselves.


Triple Monitor Set-up – Need Help.

For last couple of years, I have been having 2 monitors configured to the same desktop and that has significantly improved my browsing experience and work productivity. Buoyed by that, I wanted to push it a bit further. Add a 3rd monitor.

I like to have more screen real estate around me. It helps me compare designs, do research and multi-task. While twin monitors have greatly helped me, honestly, I really don’t think having a 3rd monitor will improve any more work productivity. But it definitely scores high on the coolness factor. Besides, that’s the way Bill Gates works as well. If this works for Bill, then its good enough for me. And so, last week, I ordered in a new 17 inch monitor.

However, the 3rd monitor just sits there on my desk as a show piece as you can see in the pic above. That’s because the computer service company I hired, can’t seem to fix it. They seem to be at home with a twin monitor set-up but a bit foxed with adding a 3rd one. There are tons of articles online on how to fix them and I mailed it all to them. Hasn’t improved their confidence much.

Do you know someone in Chennai who would know how to fix a 3 monitor setup? I’d be grateful for their contact details. Please mail them to me at Kiruba @ Kiruba.com or leave them in the comments below.