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Kiruba Shankar

Received a Donation of Old Vinyl Records

I got an email from this couple stating that they have old Vinyl Records and if I’m interested in acquiring them. Ever since I published my microsite http://www.Kiruba.com/records where I mention my love for collecting old records, I get quite a lot of calls and emails from brokers who try to sell them to collectors at exorbitant prices. I responded to the couple saying that I’m not in the business of records nor am I a rich buyer. I’m only a collector and my role is that of a guardian of old records. My interest is in saving it for the next generation of youngsters rather than making it a business.

Apparently, for many months, they were hunting for exactly the same kind of person. Sridhar Subramaniam is an enterprise IT consultant and Lekha, his wife, was earlier with the Railways. This collection of 40 vinyl records belongs to Lekha’s Dad and they all wanted this to be given to someone who would treasure it and take good care of them. They, in fact, came home to meet me and my family in person.

These vinyl records are in excellent working condition and they have a decent market value. I appreciated the fact that they preferred to donate these rather than taking the easier route of selling it in the market. I accepted them with a sense of responsibility and look forward to preserving them. Next time you come to Vaksana Farms, you can listen to some real vintage & classical music the way how people listened to many decades ago.

The Hunt for the Vinyl Records

When I was a small kid, back in our ancestral home in Sooramangalam Village in Pondicherry, we had a LP record player. Not a gramophone but a modern (then!) player. My Dad and Uncle owned Record album holders (which looked like monstrous sized photo albums) with records of English, Tamil and Hindi songs.

As we grew up and moved houses, no one knows where the record player and the LPs are. My suspicion is that they are all discarded and must be lying in garbage dumps somewhere.

When I started my antiques collection, the LP records were firmly on the ‘Must have’ list. Five years ago, when I visited Moore Market to buy books, I noticed a few shops selling these records. When I made a visit there again, I was hoping that those shops still existed. I was not to be disappointed.

I went there on a week day at 11 am (that’s the time most shops open) and spent an entire day there rummaging through the collection.

The shop you see below is just one of the shops that the owner has. He has a few more mostly used as godowns stocked with records, piled up from floor to ceiling. I was spoiled for choice.

Most of the records I picked up were old English music ones. I also picked up a lot of old tamil songs featuring Sivaji Ganesan. The MGR songs LPs were sold at a premium. The owner tells me its mostly the aged AIADMK party workers who come and pick up the MGR records. My favorites were Rajini and Kamal records.

That’s me with my collection of records at my home. It’s a sizeable collection. Now, the onus lies in me to take care of them. While I own a gramophone, these big records cannot be played on them. I need to purchase a more modern record player. That’s next on my list.

More photos from the Vinyl Records hunt.

The complete list of all the vinyl records that I own. Each individually photographed.