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Crowdsourcing the Exam Question Paper

The answer sheets have arrived. It’s evaluation time. In my 18 years of teaching, I tried a new technique for the first time. I crowdsourced the question paper. Yes, that’s right. I asked each team who worked on a case study to fix the questions and share it with the rest of the class. I picked the final questions from the rich repertoire. This experiment at BIM Trichy for my Digital and Social Media Marketing class has been super successful.

Video Profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily

The guy who excelled in telling other’s stories now gets his story told…and how! Excellent video profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily and earlier the Head of Digital Marketing and Growth at YourStory. I first met Abhash at the Book Authoring Workshop that I conducted at my farm. I loved his passion for content and importantly building readership. This video also reaffirms my belief in the power of videos in effective storytelling.

The Power of a Brand is Actually it’s Users

Yesterday, I was witness to this. I wrote a post critical of Google’s free WiFi service at the Egmore railway station. The post received 15 responses. All of them mentioned positive experiences and were backing the service. And none of them worked for Google. That’s what makes it authentic and powerful. Customers defending a company is way more powerful than what a PR or branding team can do. #Win

What the Facebook Numbers Mean?

Facebook sure knows how to massage your ego. Two lakh twenty six thousand likes? Whoa! That number means many things.That’s human interaction. That’s time spent in nurturing a community. Critically speaking, that’s also a huge time sink. 

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