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Kiruba Shankar

The Goa Project

I just signed up for The Goa Project on February 7 & 8, 2014. Planning to drive from Chennai to Goa and back. Looking for three other participants to carpool. It’ll be an awesome road trip. Please message me if interested.

A visit to KofiBar in Auroville

Ever since I got to know Seed Snehal, I had always wanted to visit his Sapney Farms and his KofiBar cafe. Yesterday, I did both during our visit to Pondy. At KofiBar, we had the highly recommended Cold Coffee, which this place has become famous for. Here are some pics of the place.

The front facade of the cafe. Notice how the door has been converted into a social notice board.

The place is made up of my favorite materials, granite pillars and coconut keeths.

Notice the menu boards. The Cold Cofee is such a speciality that it earned itself a whole board for itself.

We particularly loved the pebbles. Walking on them was like getting free foot massage. Definitely getting these pebbles for our farm too.

Drive Towards Lavasa

Shot these photos on the way to Lavasa, the newly created hill city. Its about an hour away from Pune. The drive was absolutely beautiful. Found an amazing dam with water filled till the brim. — at Lavasa Hill City.

Experience of dining on the River

What a brilliant idea! As we were driving from Shimla to Chail, we had to cross a bridge over a small river. The one thing that caught our attention were a few tables laid out in the middle of the river. It turned out that a small time hotelier could not afford to get land to build a restaurant on the road side and instead chose the river to be his spot. The water was ice-cold but super refreshing during the afternoon. The biggest USP was the unique experience of dining on the river. He was doing wonderful business. Hats off to the guy.

I particularly loved this thatched roof setup. Most people preferred to bask in the sunlight though.

These guys were enjoying their whisky and truly chilling out.

View from the water level.