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Kiruba Shankar

Why This Saloon is Popular Among School Boys

This saloon has something simple that has made this the most popular saloon among the school boys in our village. Just a mirror and a spiral comb attached to a rope. It’s become a magnet for the boys, who tidy their hair before entering their school nearby.

I asked the saloon owner what prompted him allow the students to use the mirror. He replied, it costed him nothing but has earned him a lot of good will among the kids. This simple gesture has made the kids choose his saloon over others. Being kind hearted makes good business sense.

Stage Plays Still Thrive Our in Village

Our village goes off to sleep early. At 9 pm, you’ll see most folks wind down. So, you can imagine when a large crowd stayed up all night to watch a play. 

These photos were taken at 3am. In these times of TV and cinemas, it’s such a welcome sight to see stage plays commanding so much interest. 

My Dad, the Counselor!

This is a common scene at our farmhouse. Villagers often come to my Dad (on the right) seeking advice, clarification in legal papers, mediation in family disputes or career counseling for their kids. The stone bench outside is where the discussions happen. 

As a small kid, I distinctly remember my grandfather would play this role with aplomb. Am told my great grandfather played a bigger role in these matters because there was no police station or nearby. 

Visit to our Family Temple

You would think that our family temple is in our village. After all, that makes logical sense, right?


It’s in a small little village that is 50 kms away from our own.  Yesterday, we traveled as a family to Muthialamman Temple in Mandagapattu, a quaint little village near Pondicherry. 

Why would our family temple be so far away? Apparently, it was selected by one of our fore fathers who most likely played a part in it’s construction. And it has been passed on to us over generations.