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Television off from Home

Today, I removed the TV from our home. For the 3rd time this year. The previous two attempts did not last more than a month and hence were clear failures.

The only difference this time is that the TV has been physically removed from our home and packed off to our village. Earlier, we just discontinued the cable but the physical sight of the TV was a constant temptation.

My wife is supportive but my daughters are not amused. They retaliated by banning me from viewing YouTube at home.

An absolute Win-Win. #Productivity FTW !

The Green Tunnel

The Green Tunnel : The road that leads to our farm. Bless the soul that planted these decades ago. Shot this pic during a heavy downpour. — at Vaksana Farms

First day – Bucketlist Bootcamp

Photo taken at Sankarabarani River, one of the two rivers that sandwiches our Rettanai Village. The participants of ‘Buketlist Bootcamp’ kickstarted the first day by trekking alongside the river. The beauty of offsite retreats is that the bonding between people happens so easily. This bonding is vital for people to feel comfortable sharing their goals and struggles with each other during the event. — at Rettanai village.

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