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Best to-do apps turn out be very useful

My Tech Column this fortnight in Deccan Chronicle focuses on my review of a very good productivity app. I reviewed multiple To-Do apps and finally homed in on the ‘Any.Do’ app which I totally fell in love with. In the last week, I have seen a marked improvement in how I get things done. Highly recommended.

Beauty of the night sky

Don’t look at the tents. Look at the stars above them. We never get to see so many stars in the city. Its only when we get to a farm in a remote village, far away from the city lights, that one gets to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the night sky. Just lie down on the ground and stare into the sky. In under an hour, we saw three shooting stars. This world is awesome. Thanks Amar Ramesh for capturing this so beautifully. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village.

Pitching a tent

It was my life’s first experience pitching a tent. I have slept in tents before but not in a tent that we set up ourselves. We pitched this at our Vaksana Farms and a few of us slept in it overnight. We had a very clear sky and the stars added to the surreal experience. To me, one of the best part was the experience of watching the fine tuning of this long exposure shot by Amar Ramesh Photography. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village.

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