Can One Make Money In-spite of CC licensing?

You may wonder if you can make money from a work you made available under a Creative Commons license.

Well. the answer is an absolute ‘yes’.  Creative Commons licenses are non-exclusive. It means that you are not tied down to making your content available under a Creative Commons license. You can also enter into other licenses which generate revenue for your work.

The non-commercial license option is a useful tool which allows people to maximize the distribution of their works while keeping control of the commercial aspects of their copyright. The “non-commercial use” condition applies only to others who use your work, not to you. So if you choose to license your work under a Creative Commons license that includes the “non-commercial use” option, you impose the ”non-commercial” condition on the users (licensees). Well, you can make all the money you want. We encourage you to try out CC licenses for your works.

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