What is Digital Selling?

Digital selling leverages social media, analytical tools, and a collaborative mindset to create a seamless connection between sales, marketing, and customers. It has changed the way companies engage their customer base, resulting in an enormous potential for sales and marketing professionals everywhere.

At the heart of the digital transformation is the blurring of the lines between sales, marketing and customer service and the ultimate merging of these roles into one revenue-generating business unit. At the core of this transformation is the establishment of new departments responsible for the creation and distribution of content to educate and influence the modern buyer.

More exposure and awareness leads to a faster introduction to the sales cycle and a shorter path to close. Increased interaction on social media speeds interaction, nurturing and decision making.

Digital selling is the ongoing process of leveraging digital channels to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers. The goal is to build relationships on digital platforms and turn online connections into offline sales conversations.

Your potential customers are already comparing your brand with the competition and 70% of B2B buying process happens online, which means if you are not online and engaging with them then you are losing revenue.

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