My Daughters





When she was 8, she authored her first book titled ‘The Untold Story of Rabbit and Tortoise’. Next year, her second book came out titled ‘The Princess and the Straw Dress’. Both the books are available under Creative Commons license and is free to read.

Krithya has been learning Bharathanatyam for the last five years and has performed her SalangaiPoojai. She was part of the Guiness Book World Record attempt for the largest Bharatanatyam recital along with 3000 dancers. She has been singing Carnatic music and learning from her Guru for the last six years.



She may be the youngest but she is clearly the boss of the house. She knows how to get things done her way.

She is very passionate about pets. At our house, she takes care of Chicku, the chicken and Snowy, our Lhasa Apsa dog.

Kalpi is currently pursuing Bharatanatyam and Classical Music along with her elder sister. She has an excellent ear for music. She can sing some of the latest Bollywood songs event though she doesn’t know Hindi.

She can be reached at Kalpitha [at] (currently supervised by us, until she grows up).