A unique opportunity where you can feel and experience peaceful village life is provided by our ‘farm stay’. We have a picturesque farmland in Rettanai, Dindivanam.

We engage in farming activities and produce different varieties of crops there. As a person coming from agricultural family, our owner has deep emotional attachment to farming.

We have a charming cottage in the farmland with basic amenities. If you would love to have a vacation where you can spend quality time with nature and see the nuances of farming from near. Enjoy early morning sunrise, savour the aroma of fresh agricultural land, observe animals from close quarters and relax completely in serene atmosphere.

We also provide opportunities to do some basic farm work so that you can experience farming first hand. Visits to nearby farmlands and agricultural places are arranged so that you can gain more knowledge about several crops. So if you yearn for a ‘never-before’ experience kindly contact us for more details.

Animals in our Farm