The Olde Worlde Farm
Would you like your farm or ranch to have a name of distinction that evokes old-world charm? Consider a name like Thistleberry Downs or Wellbourne Ranch. British history and fiction abound with lovely names that inspire titles like Tudor Rose Farm or Wind in the Willows. For those who wish to meld wit with “ye old worlde” how about something like “Worthewait Farm?” Are you a fantasy fan? Try browsing through some of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels for some unique monikers.

Be a Copycat
When all else fails, you can always recycle a favorite name from the movies, TV, literature or a real-life experience. To offset the face that you’re borrowing someone else’s idea, you can pick something that’s obscure or less well known. For instance, we’ve all heard of Green Gables, but you might skim through the L.M. Montgomery novels for other farm and house names featured in the books. For her stories, Montgomery created other lovely locales like “White Sands” and “Windy Poplars” and “New Moon Farm.” Jane Austen’s famous novels are full of beautiful names like “Oakham Mount” and “Rosings Park.” While everyone has certainly heard of Pride and Prejudice, most people are unaware that the poetic-sounding “Pemberly” was the home of the impeccable Mr. Darcy and that “Gretna Green” was located just over the Scottish border and was the place to flee for a quick marriage with no questions asked.

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