Here is the space where we acknowledge every single person who provided help in this project. The real joy is in collaborating together.

This will be a constantly updated list. I apologize in advance if I have missed someone one.

Mohanakrishnan Narendaranathan : Thanks MK for being a big supporter of the project.

Abhay Vohra : Thanks Abhay (my college classmate) for recognizing the Singapore Cherry fruit tree which I didn’t know.

Kuri Abraham: Thanks Kuri for recommending Affa Tiles for sourcing wire cut bricks.

Demi Isaac : Thanks Demi for reminding me to do soil testing and for doing things the scientific way.

Samuel EddyThanks Eddy for encouraging this project from the start.

Vijay Anand : Thanks Vijay for suggesting many fruit trees that need to be added to the list.

Jayanthi Somasundaram : For considering covering this farm project as a story in Inbox1305 magazine.

Smitha Vishwanathan : Thanks Smitha for pointing me to