A Farm Book

Experiences of a city guy running a farm


Reasons You Might Like This Book

Contains Practical Experiences
Celebrates joy and pain of running a small farm
You might be wanting to start a farm.
But without making the same mistakes
Want to live a life of serenity and peace

What is this book about.?

This book is a beautiful compilation of experiences of Kiruba and his family as they try to create and grow Vaksana farms into a farm of their dreams. It documents their experiences, both good and bad. It captures the enthusiasm, frustration, joy, despair, thrill and unity as the farm begins to take shape slowly but surely. This book is a handy read if you ever contemplate moving back to the land and planning to set up your own farm. This book is part biographical about Vaksana Farms but you can learn and apply the lessons in your own journey into farming.

Table of Contents

The Farmer

Kiruba Shankar leads a dual life. He is a digital entrepreneur during the week and an organic farmer during the weekend. He was born in an agricultural family and its easy to see where that interest comes from. Even though most of his family have moved to the city in search of greener pastures (pun intended), he never lost track of his roots. He along with his family are rebuilding their village life and have set out to build a farm of their dreams. He documents his farming adventure on Vaksana Farms' Facebook page

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