Kiruba Shankar

Kiruba Shankar is a digital entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, podcaster and a farmer. He is CEO of Business Blogging, a social media consulting firm. He also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture and Verdure Books, a publishing house. He has authored four books and this is his fifth. More about him at


Rajesh is a senior web designer at F5ive Technologies. He swears by creativity and passion, the twin principles that instills life into his work. He studied Bio-Chemistry but followed his heart to pursue designing. Rajesh loves to draw and listens to rural folk music. He blogs at

Bakia Lakshmi

Bakia is a multi-tasker with an ardent interest on graphical design. Besides being an Executive Assistant to the CEO of Business Blogging, she is also involved in domains of design and programming. She holds a degree in computer science and is highly active on social media. More at


Sajin is an engineer who is passionate about social media and how it impacts the current corporate world. He has a deep interest on SEO techniques and analyzes how research helps in enhancing social media presence. Sajin enjoys playing and watching cricket in his leisure time. He has a strong creative streak and dreams to be a designer in future.