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Kiruba Shankar

My Turn to be Interviewed: Podcast with Rajeev Suri

At the India Digital Summit in New Delhi, organized by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), I was introduced to a very interesting person. The person had an infectious smile, overdose of positivity and a boisterous laugh. Say hello to Rajeev Suri, a Senior VP with Reliance Group and who has had leadership roles at Infosys, Colgate-Palmolive and Cafe Coffee Day. More about at his Linkedin profile.

Rajeev and I share a common passion. Podcasting and interviewing leaders. I pulled him aside to get him on my show but he laid a condition that I should appear on his show too. The deal was stuck. Here is the video of our conversation where Rajeev asks me some very interesting questions. My part of the deal is due soon.

You can watch more of Rajeev’s podcasts here.

Aala Farms: Amazing Transformation in 6 Months


Aala Farms: Amazing Transformation in 6 Months (12 photos)

One of the most inspiring farm stories I’ve witnessed. An unused parched land turns into a rich, fertile, productive farm. All with zero use of chemical fertilizers. During the Farming Workshop, we made a visit to this farm and it turned out to be a crash course in passionate farming. Anyone who even has a slight iota of doubt in farming will be highly motivated after looking at what Aala has done. Take a look at the photos.

A look at my class – Great Lakes Institute of Management

A look at my class at Great Lakes Institute of Management where I teach. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops. WiFi is officially turned on. No restrictions on any social networks. I’m told that this is frowned upon in other classes. Not so in mine. After all this is the Digital Marketing Curriculum and all assignments are practical ones. — at Great Lakes Institute of Management