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Here’s a video of me snapping off the Mango flowers. May look lik

An old man once told me that young saplings flowering is like very young girls getting pregnant!! Not sure if the analogy is correct but that stuck in my mind. Makes sense in a way. Decided to snap off the bountiful flowers in the young sapling. Watch the video. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village, Tamilnadu.

Heartbreaking Video

Sad to see our actions affect innocent birds on an island 2000 kms away from the nearest continent.


Wow. Mix guts, talent, attitude and a dash of good looks and this is what you get. *HUGE* respect for this guy for doing this video. I will have even greater respect for AirIndia if they don’t fire him. Must watch video. Great lyrics and addictive music.

My Foreword for Mahesh Baxi’s Book on Leadership

Mahesh Baxi is CEO of Compassites Software and earlier, Managing Director of ThoughtWorks, a company I have huge respect for. I have known Mahesh for a while now, mainly through online interactions and I like his attitude to life.

When I was approached to write the foreword for his new book titled ‘New Age Leadership’, I felt honored.

Knowing that forewords are usually not read ( I know. I skip that part always!!), I made sure that the one I write is brief and to the point. Here it is.

I have been a regular reader of Mahesh’s blog and I have both enjoyed and benefited from his perspectives as a business leader.

Mahesh is one of the very few CEOs in India who blogs often. I have always admired top management people who can write because I know there are lots of things that fight for their time. That’s why I appreciate them when they can devote their time to write and share ideas with others. Sharing one’s knowledge is a great way to build a brand. I like it that through this book, Mahesh has been able to walk the leadership talk.

As you read this book, you will notice that its written in first person. It’s as if Mahesh is having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee.

A good author is one who has the ability to deliver his message in all forms of media. In addition to his blog, Mahesh has made the right decision to morph it into a physical book and an ebook.

This is an easy book to read. You can flip to any page and land on an interesting leadership lesson. It’s a short book and I love it when I can actually finish the book on a short plane ride.

However, I suggest you don’t. Read a short chapter. Close the book. Mull over the leadership advice. Let it marinate. Put it to practice. Then move on to savor another one. And watch the impact it’s beginning to have in your life. You will thank yourself for picking this book.

Kiruba Shankar

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