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Getting My Kids Trained Early on Storytelling Through Videos.

I’ve always known about the importance of video as a powerful medium to communicate a story.  Knowing the importance is one thing and understanding how to get a video done is completely another.

I’m nearing 40 and am just about beginning to learn the ropes. I really wish I started early. It was this realization that made me want to give an opportunity for my kids when they are young.

When I read about the ‘Movie Making Summer Camp‘ for kids, it fit in perfectly with my need.  I’ve joined my two kids in the camp. Its a two week course where the kids are taught about the basics of writing a story, how to transform it into a script, how to create storyboards and frame the shots.

More importantly, the course is taught by two professionals who have had years of experience in the movie field.  Madhumita Vijay had directed two Tamil movies, Vallamai Thaaraayo (starring Parteban and Chaya Singh) and Kola kolaya Mundhirika. She graduated from New York Film Academy in LA.

Her husband, Vijay Venkatraman is a film editor, sound designer and writer for feature films. he has extensive experience working with various advertising firms. He graduated from University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts in LA.

To me, who teaches the course is important and I was quite impressed not just with their profile but also when I met them in real life.

More about the them at http://moviecampchennai.wordpress.com

About the Author page

This is how the ‘About the Author’ page looks like in my latest book ‘Unconference‘. Its based on the Graphic Recording technique which is one of the chapters in the book. Research shows that we comprehend graphics better than text. Decided to walk the talk and implement it for my own profile. What do you think? How can we improve this further? Love to hear your ideas.

Help Choose a Cover Design for my New Book

I need your help. I have just finished authoring my 4th book. Its about Unconferences, a subject that I’m very passionate about. The book is called ‘Unconference: 10 Powerful Ways to Spice-Up Meetings & Events‘.

The book is hitting the printing press on Monday, 14th May at 4 pm.  But to do that, the book cover needs to be finalized.

We have nine book covers. But only one will have the privilege of making it to the printing press along with the book.  You can help choose that cover by visiting this specially created Facebook Page. Take a look at all the 9 designs. Click ‘like’ on the design that you like best. The one that gets the most likes comes out winner. We will be collating all the names of people who helped us in the Unconference wiki.

All the 9 book covers have been designed by Anjana Singhwi, the uber talented girl who is pursuing Communication Design at the prestigious Parsons New School for Design in New York.

We look forward to your participation and help. Here is the FB page you need to visit to vote. Thanks in advance.

Front of the new business card

The Front of the new business card. Decided to add a photo because when you meet hundreds of people in a conference, its easier to recollect the faces.

Instead of adding the full designation, I just added the attributes. Just realized that instead of commas, I should have added a period.

Clubbed both email id and website url into one.

We met at

The back of the business card which has the logo of the event. Notice the words ‘we met at ….” Weeks or months later, when people shuffle through tons of business cards, it helps them recollect where they met me.


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