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Recommended Reads on the Mumbai Attack

Some of the best selection of writing on the Mumbai attack by some of the best writers. Many thanks to Peter Griffin for the compilation.

Suketu Mehta’s Op-Ed piece in the New York Times.

Dilip D’souza, who’s writing style I adore, writes about the scene around him in the Washinton Post.

Naresh Fernandes in The New Republic . (See also his piece on Jews in Bombay)

And these pieces, on their blogs, by Amit VarmaSonia Faleiro and Rahul Bhatia.

And these three by Prem Panicker: Respiro Ergo Sum, An Officer and a Gentleman and a Moron, The End Game.  (the latter two link to some excellent stuff as well)

And this, by Ingrid Srinath . (Read also Priyanka Joseph’s comment to that post)

Rain Deluge: Photos From My Area

This is the apartment next to ours that got flooded. Water had entered all the ground floor apartments and they were pumping out water using the two motors the whole day. Thankfully, our apartment was built on a higher foundation and we were safe.

About a few hundred meters from my home is this place called ‘MettuKuppam’. Tranlated in english, it would mean ‘Village on a higher ground’. In reality, it was the opposite. Every street out there looked like this.

Notice how water is flowing through the streets like a river.

This is the street where the Electricity Board Office is located. It was funnily ironic that they couldn’t restore electricity to their own office.

Water has entered every home. Notice how this shopkeeper has used bricks elevate this stall.

Kids sieving the waters for fish. Don’t think they got lucky.

A tree has split into two and fallen off.

The Accident on the Way to Pondicherry

While driving to Pondicherrry on the scenic East Coast Road,  a Maruti Swift Dzire overtook us.  I was driving at a ‘not-so-slow’ 70 kmph and this car was clearly touching the 90s.  Barely a few minutes later, we were shocked to find the same car rolled over on the road side.�

We screeched to a halt, jumped out and rushed to the car fearing the worst. By then, the local farm workers also rushed towards the car. Miraculously, all the three passengers, an elderly gentleman and a middle aged couple, escaped scathe free. They were pulled out of the car and clearly were in a state of shock. The rains made the fields soggy and ensured a soft landing.

The East Coast Road has many curvy corners and the owner of the car, couldn’t maneuver the corner in the high speed. Worse, he hit the brakes hard while turning at high speed that sent the car cartwheeling off the road.

The owner of the car said that they had just taken the delivery of the brand new car and decided to take a drive to Pondicherry as a celebratory drive. The car, unlike its lucky passengers, was totalled.

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