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Looking for Exotic Cocktail Recipes.

Image: Pocu

On the 1st weekend of October, we have our college reunion. We are meeting after 14 long years. (gosh, I’m old!). I’ve self appointed myself as the official bartender. We are meeting in Pondicherry and you can be sure that alcohol will have very high priority.

I’m taking my role of bartender very seriously and looking for tips for the most exotic cocktails. I have a couple of books on cocktails and have covered the most popular ones a la bloody Marys, cosmopolitans, Sex on the beaches etc.

What I’m looking for is for exotic, custom made, self-created recipes. Like this one from Kanchuki and Kongkona sarma who gave me tips about injecting multiple doses of vodka into ripe watermelons and then chopping them up for munching.

Or the popular Pani Puris with Vodka water.

How about chopping off the top of tender coconut, adding in 3 drops of honey, a pinch of Jaljira and 90ml vodka. And drink it right off the coconut!

What other ideas have you got? Love to hear from you guys.

You can either leave the ideas in the comments below or email me at kiruba@kiruba.com . I will collate every idea on the blog so that all of us can benefit.

Fire away.

Featured in Hindu BusinessLine’s 60SecondsChief.

Meeting D.Murali, Deputy Editor of The Hindu BusinessLine newspaper has been one of the interesting experiences I’ve had. Murali is one of the very few traditional journalists who have whole heartedly embraced social media.

He invited me to his office to conduct a video podcast interview. After the interview was done and we had lunch, he gave me a printed sheet of paper and asked me to fill for a column called ’60 Seconds Chief’. It was a questionnaire. It had 20 questions and was meant to be filled quickly which explains the 60 seconds. Oh boy, it took a much longer time than that. I remember spending over 20 minutes to fill it. I had fun doing it.

Most of the questions deals with aspects of leadership and I thought it was a very innovative concept of authoring a column for the paper.

Here is the original scan of the paper that I had filled.

Murali has an able support staff to back him up. A person called Ramesh then draws a portrait, on the lines of Wall Street Journal. Padmaja, who works at Hindu’s office then helps compile everything together. It then finally gets printed in the paper. My interview appeared in yesterday’s edition. Here’s the scan from the paper.


For more of such interviews, visit http://60secondschief.blogspot.com. To view Murali’s video podcast interviews with industry leaders, visit http://muralilistening.blogspot.com


Attending Wikimania in Buenos Aires

The whole of next week, I’ll be amongst the world’s most passionate proponents of open knowledge congregating in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m participating in Wikimania, the annual international conference aimed at bringing together contributors of all the Wikimedia Foundation’s projects. The most popular is, of course, Wikipedia.

The conference allows the community and the general public to learn and share free knowledge initiatives and collaborative projects all over the world.

The 5th edition of the Conference is being held on August 26-28, 2009. The previous conferences were held in Frankfurt (Germany) in 2005, Boston (United States) in 2006, Taipei (Taiwan) in 2007 and Alexandria (Egypt) in 2008.

I hope to pick up some really important lessons that can be applied to many of the Wikimedia initiatives in India.

I almost didn’t make this trip. I had to go through a very traumatic visa process experience. First, there was confusion with the paperwork. Then followed confusion with the photos. Its amazing how the Mumbai Embassy and Delhi Embassy of Argentina can have two different policies about the angle of photos! As if this wasn’t enough, the courier guys mucked up my adddress and changed my gender. Now I had to prove that I’m Rupa, a girl living in Parrys Corner instead of Kiruba, a guy living in Virugambakkam.

After much hagling about my sex and all, I finally got hold of the blessed passport.


You Can Be Part of The Crowdsourcing Book

As many of you already know, I’m currently authoring a book on Crowdsourcing. Me and my research intern have been spending the better part of the month researching and writing. The book is taking shape very well.

We are now throwing the doors open and encouraging you to be part of the book. Not just because the book is on crowdsourcing, but because I have long realized that my intelligence is limited. I look upon your wisdom to enrich the book.

I invite you to be part of the book. Here’s how you can participate.

Tweet about your views on Crowdsourcing. Remember, your personal opinion is what matters.

It can be anything related to crowdsourcing. It could be about its usefulness, tips, your experiences etc. Don’t hold yourself back.

You can send in as many tweets. Preferably if its within 140 characters. But, don’t worry if you cannot. Just send it. We’ll do word play later to get it in line.

If you need two tweets to convey a certain message, that’s fine.

Alternatively, you can also email it to me at Kiruba[@]Kiruba.com. Or SMS me at +91.98415 97744. Or just leave a comment in this post.

20% of the book, that’s 28 tweets of the 140 tweets, will be from you all. I’ve done most of my part of the book and now look up to you for your wisdom.

For each selected tweet that makes the cut, your tweet will be published in the book along with your name and twitter ID. Your photo, your profile and link to your Twitter ID, blog, Facebook page, Flickr account will be published in the companion website. Once the book is complete, you will be amongst the first to get the PDF version of the book.

I look forward to collaborating together.

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